PEB -PE Beverage Hose
Monday, 27 September 2010 20:50
  • Flexible Polyester-Reinforced Polyethylene beverage hose manufactured from premium-grade low taste and odor materials that comply with FDA and NSF-51 regulations. Applications:
  • Soft drink fountain machines for retail and commercial dispensing
  • Other beverage dispensing to include but not limited to the following
  • Coffee and coffee related products, fruit juice, frozen drinks, ice tea,
  • Fruit juice, ice tea, coffee and coffee related product dip
  • Water service (potable) both carbonated and non-carbonated
  • Dairy product dispensing machines
  • Milk, frozen dairy products, hot cheese, cream and imitation milk products
  • Food product distribution and dispensing
  • Condiments, food powders, liquid toppings
  • Draught beer, wine and liquor distribution and dispensing systems
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