RT Multi-Purpose Hose
Thursday, 19 January 2006 10:21
Flex RT - Thermoplastic air and water hose with the look and feel of rubber hose at a fraction of the cost. Available in bulk, finished assemblies, or cut-lengths.

: Rubber-like look and feel enhances flexibility while maintaining durability and cost efficiencies of PVC.

Multipurpose applications including air, water (up to 150 F) pneumatic tools, air service for painting equipment, coolant lines, etc...

TEMPERATURE: -15 F (-26 C) to + 150 F (+65 C) continuous service

Tube: Specially Formulated, PVC Compound
Reinforcement: High Tensile Strength Textile Cord
Cover: Specially Formulated, PVC Compound

STANDARD COLORS: Red (RD). Blue (BL) and Yellow (YW) thru 1/2"
Red (RD) and Blue (BL) only in 5/8" thru 1"
Yellow (YW) in 3/4" - check for availability.

BRANDING: Flex-Tech RT Multi-Purpose - 3/8" ID 300 PSI W.P. 2.1 Mpa) Made in USA

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