Santoprene Rubber Tubing
Tuesday, 12 March 2013 21:30

TPV tubingDescription:
General purpose Santoprene™ tubing also known as TPR tubing is a thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) in the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) family.  Santoprene™ tubing (TPR tubing) is a highly flexible product that can be used in a wide range of applications where stable mechanical properties are required under wide temperature extremes.  Santoprene™ tubing is produced to very tight tolerances, this product is resistant to flex fatigue, UV and ozone as well as most common chemicals and oils.

It is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.


•    Peristaltic pump tubing
•    Drain and vent lines
•    Low pressure food or pharmaceutical distribution and dispensing (Natural color only)
o    Condiments, food powders, liquid toppings
•    Industrial applications such as light vacuum, conduit, air and water transfer
•    Lower cost alternative to Silicone


•    Available in both industrial grade black and NFS-61/FDA naturalTPV Tubing coiled
•    Excellent chemical resistance to acids and alkalis
•    Impermeable to most gasses and moisture
•    25-30% lighter in weight compared to standard PVC and EPDM
•    Extreme low temperature flexibility
•    Designed for easy coiling, assembling and installation
•    Compliant to RoHS and EU 2003/11/EC


Temperature Range:        -80˚F to 180˚F
Standard Sizes:          See table below
Packaging:    300’ or 500’ bulk coils or cardboard spools
*available boxed for redistribution upon request


•    Private brand labeling, non-standard lengths, sizes and custom colors available (larger minimum order quantities may apply
•    Santoprene is a TM of an Exxon Mobile Corporation affiliate
Item Number Nom. I.D. Nom. O.D. Wall Thickness Standard Pkg Qty
TR-03060__-00 3/16 0.310 0.060 1000 ft coils or spools
TR-04060__-00 1/4 0.380 0.060 500 ft coils or spools
TR-04100__-00 1/4 0.460 0.100 500 ft coils or spools
TR-06060__-00 3/8 0.500 0.060 500 ft coils or spools
TR-06100__-00 3/8 0.580 0.100 300 ft coils or spools
TR-08125__-00 1/2 0.750 0.125 300 ft coils or spools
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