LP Gas Hose

  • LP Gas Hose

LP Gas Hose

Item # Product Name
H-HB-4 1/4in LPG Hose Low Pressure
H-HB-5 5/16in LPG Hose Low Pressure
H-HB-6 3/8in LPG Hose Low Pressure
H-RHA-4 1/4in LPG Hose High Pressure
H-RHA-5 5/16in LPG Hose High Pressure
H-RHA-6 3/8in LPG Hose High Pressure
H-RC-8R 1/2in Heavy Duty H-RC-8R High Pressure LPG Hose



Flex-Tech LP Gas (H-HB and H-RHA Series) Hose for Heating, RVs and outdoor cooking appliances. Largest Domestic manufacturer of thermoplastic LPG Hose. Available in bulk, finished LPG assemblies, or cut-lengths, high- or low-pressure LPG applications. UL 569 Recognized component, UL 21 listed and CSA approved to CAN1-8.3.

Potential Use

  • Outdoor Gas Grills
  • RV Hose
  • Turkey Fryers
  • Fish Cookers
  • Torches
  • Patio Heaters
  • Camping Appliances
  • Agricultural Propane and Natural Gas Supply
  • Hot Tar Roofing
  • Temporary Construction Heaters
  • Chicken, Turkey and Swine Confinement Heater Hoses


  • UV/Ozone resistant cover
  • Indented print sequence
  • Non-marking
  • Lighter weight and more economical than rubber hoses
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good low temperature performance
  • Low permeation
  • Good low temperature performance
  • Made to order custom length assemblies with industry standard fitting combinations

Product Specifications

Additional Information

Tube Material Proprietary PVC/Rubber blended compound
Reinforcement High tensile strength textile yarn
Cover Material UV & Ozone resistant compound
Standard Colors Black
Temperature Range -40◦ F (-40◦ C) to 140◦ F (60◦ C)
Fittings Available Various fittings available
Phthalate Free No
RoHS Compliant Yes
Certification UL 21, UL 569 and CSA CAN1-8.3
Standard Size(s) 1/4 in - 1/2in
Working Pressure Low Pressure - 1 / High Pressure - 350
Safety Factor 5:1
Standard Length(s) 300 ft - 500 ft
Weight per foot Varies by size and length
Assembled Yes

Item Details

Standard Size(s) O.D. Working Pressure Safety Factor Standard Length(s) Bend Radius (in) Weight (Lbs) Stocked Assembled
1/4in 0.495in 1 psi 500 psi min. 500 ft 2in 0.083 Yes Special Order
5/16in 0.560in 1 psi 500 psi min. 500 ft 2in 0.098 Yes Special Order
3/8in 0.650in 1 psi 500 psi min. 500 ft 3in 0.131 Yes Special Order
1/4in 0.505in 350 psi 5:1 500 ft 2in 0.089 Yes Special Order
5/16in 0.551in 350 psi 5:1 500 ft 2in 0.125 Yes Special Order
3/8in 0.655in 350 psi 5:1 500 ft 3in 0.133 Yes Special Order
1/2in 0.785in 350 psi 5:1 300 ft 4in 0.181 Yes Special Order


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