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3/15/2018 2:17 PM

Dear Sirs;

I just wanted to thank the team at Flex-Tech for their help in addressing and suppling a hose that was typically disposable.

Our potential customer was searching for a hose whose cover was resistant to animal fats and would take some temperature.  We were given a target price, pressure, temperature, etc.  They were having some coupling issues, but that was not the foremost problem.

I called and immediately Dave mentioned they had a brand new compound that was developed for an application similar, and they got to work.  Soon they had that compound applied to a hose that was perfect for the customer’s need. And produced a trial run that was perfect.  FPW was that item.  The price was competitive with the older hose, and we had a new customer!

A few months down the road, the customer asked us to tackle the coupling issue.  They had had few issues and were not dissatisfied with what Flex-Tech had supplied, but were looking for better.  Flex-Tech found a coupling that specifically met their need, was only moderately more expensive, and available.  That solved their coupling concerns. 

Our only issue now is making sure that Flex-Tech can keep up with the demand. We believe this is the Cadillac of hoses for their industry.  They have been extremely responsive in their deliveries and backing us up with stock. 

Thank you, Flex-Tech Hose for a job well done!

Jim Chidester

Sr. Account Manager

Atalanta Rubber

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